Shops and Manufacturers

October 3, 2001

TRY ONE OUT Because this is such a new application, finding two-handed rods can be a bit difficult. Most major fly rod manufacturers have programs that allow dealers to get demo rods, so the first place to check would be your local fly shop.
Two shops that stock two-handers for salt water:
Hunter’s Angling — This New Boston, New Hampshire, shop stocks many of the top manufacturers, and also builds their own custom, saltwater-specific two-hander. Contact them at 800-331-8558;
Old Salt Outfitters — This Hingham, Massachusetts, shop stocks the major two-handed brands. Contact them at 781-749-9855; If the idea of combining some first-class fishing with an introduction to two-handers sounds appealing, Monomoy surf guide Randy Jones can be contacted at 508-432-1200, or at
Another excellent Cape Cod surf guide who can teach you about this kind of fishing is Juro Makai, who can be contacted for lessons or fishing via his Web site:


G. Loomis — 800-662-8818;
Sage Fly Fishing — 800-533-3004;
Talon — 360-225-8247;
Rio Products — 208-524-7760;
Airflo Fly Lines — 888-672-6866;
Thomas & Thomas Rodmakers — 413-863-9727;


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