Sage Saltwater Xi2

The newest member in the Sage family is the saltwater Xi2.

An eye on rods

An eye on rods

The newest member in the Sage family is the saltwater Xi2. Since this rod was designed to replace the RPLXi, it's hard not to compare the two. But make no mistake - the Xi2 stands on its own for castability and durability.

Jerry Siem, the rod designer for Sage, created the Xi2 to perform under the wide variety of conditions that saltwater fly-fishing can present, and some innovative technology went into its construction. The rods use a graphite core wrap, the basis of G5 Technology, as well as a modulus positioning system (MPS), both firsts for Sage. MPS allows a precise lay-up of longitudinal fibers to create the smoothest action possible.

Sage has spent almost three years perfecting the Xi2. Its smooth, crisp action is decidedly faster than that of the RPLX1, and it weighs about half an ounce less.

The Xi2 is available in weights of 6 to 14 and comes in four-piece models only. All weights except the 14 are 9 feet long, while the 14 is 8 feet 6 inches in length. Prices range from $625 to $690. For more information, contact Sage at 800-533-3004; or visit