Gulf Red Snapper Season in Florida Set for 78 Days

Fishing is open May 6 through July 9 and reopens in September

April 21, 2017
red snapper in Gulf of Mexico
The Gulf of Mexico red snapper season in Florida state waters opens May 6 and continues through June and part of July. John Frazier

The Gulf of Mexico red snapper season in Florida state waters begins May 6 and lasts through July 9, with only Saturdays and Sundays open to start and all days open starting May 27.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation announced a 78-day season for the Gulf red snapper at its meeting in Havana this week. The season reopens in September and October for just Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays — plus Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4. Gulf state waters go from shore to 9 nautical miles.

Gary Jennings, director of Keep Florida Fishing, praised the longer state red snapper season and compared it to the federal restrictions — “limited-to-zero” red snapper fishing days in the Gulf, he said.


“The FWC has done outstanding work balancing fishing access with sustainability,” Jennings stated. “We are thankful for the commission’s dedication to maintaining recreational fishing opportunities for red snapper in state waters.

Kellie Ralston, the Florida fishery policy director for American Sportfishing Association (ASA), also was positive of the season. She added, “We are proud to have a state agency that considers all stakeholders, including Florida’s 3 million recreational anglers who contribute $53.3 million to conservation efforts through fishing licenses and excise taxes.”

Ken Haddad, ASA’s marine fisheries advisor, spoke at the FWC meeting a possible way to provide alternative management options for Gulf red snapper with hopes of improving fishing access for recreational anglers.

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