Orvis T3 Series Rods

Orvis just unveiled the latest addition to its long line of fly rods - the T3.

November 19, 2001


Orvis Rod

Orvis just unveiled the latest addition to its long line of fly rods – the T3. This new rod incorporates high-modulus carbon fibers with ”thermoplastic-enriched thermoset resins and nanoceramic binders” to create an incredibly light-feeling, strong and extremely durable rod.

The secret to the T3 stems from the way resins and binders align exactly within the graphite matrix. The alignment is so precise Orvis comparis it to the spinning blades of a Comanche attack helicopter. This results in a fiber that is more impact resistant, tougher and stronger than other graphite fiber/resin combinations. Higher modulus graphite can be used because a final protective sheathing is subjected to intense pressure and high heat. This in turn reduces the weight of the rods because the manufacturer can use less material. In fact, every rod in the T3 series is 20 to 36 percent lighter in swing or levered weight than its comparable Trident TLS rod.

The saltwater T3 also features a unique and distinctive reel seat milled from 6061 anodized aluminum. An internal screw uplocks the butt cap onto the reel foot, and all parts are treated with a Teflon coating that allows smooth operation and eliminates even minor oxidation. The guides on the T3 are titanium carbide and should last a lifetime.


Currently the saltwater rod comes in a deep cobalt blue and is available in both two- and four-piece models in weights 8, 9 and 11. The 9-foot rods will also be available in both midflex and tip-flex versions and will retail for between $580 and $650.

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