Ocean Fly Box

The Ocean Fly Box gives anglers quick access to and storage for a large assortment of flies.

Fly Box

Fly Box

The problem with traditional fly boxes is that you need to carrya pile of them if the fishing is varied or if you are exploring newterritory. The more flies you might need, the more boxes you haveto carry. The Ocean Fly Box product line was created to give thesaltwater fly-angler quick access to and storage for a largeassortment of flies.

There are four different models to choose from, including theOcean Fly Box Boat series. The boat series fly boxes are designedto fit into most tackle bags and built-in tackle-box holders onfishing boats.

All fly boxes are one-piece, single-hinged, and injection-moldedfrom corrosion-resistant black polypropylene. Currently two modelsare offered in the regular series, including an 8.6- by 6.2-inchversion without a handle and a 12.5- by 10.4-inch model with afixed handle. The boat series also offers two models, including a13.4- by 9.4-inch version with an integrated handle and a 13.25- by11-inch box with a hinged handle.

Both series are available with your choice of foam orhigh-density cork and retail between $16 and $32. For moreinformation, write to High Quality Fishing Products, 55 Beach St.,Westerly, RI 02891; or call 401-596-7217.