Miami based B.O.A.T. Attire, LLC launches online retail store to stylize boaters says it provides apparel for the "Best of All Time"

_MIAMI, FL -_- Miami-based B.O.A.T. Attire has launched an online retail store that sells simple and stylish apparel and other gear for on and off the boat.

Selling on the premise of providing high quality clothing for an affordable price,B.O.A.T. Attire launched successfully at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail.

"We originally set out to make some shirts for us to wear, but when we started talking about the idea to friends, boaters and non-boaters alike, we quickly found that we weren't the only ones who were in need of a change. B.O.A.T. stands for ‘best of all time’ and is the proverbial space between the boat and the dock," says Andrew Lane, Creative Director.

Created by three native Miamians, B.O.A.T. Attire knew they wanted to give back immediately. They partnered with The Big Blue and You Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to promote youth education in marine conservation by donating one dollar for every vinyl decal it sells.

Beyond merely providing simple clothing, B.O.A.T. Attire expects to expand into performance apparel and beach gear within the next month.