Florida’s Gulf Red Snapper Season Opens May 24

Florida’s Gulf opens for a total of 52 days, federal season set at nine days.

NOAA red snapper

NOAA red snapper

Photo Courtesy of NOAAPhoto courtesy NOAA

The Florida red snapper season in Gulf state waters opens May 24 and will remain open through July 14. The federal season will be nine days, June 1 through June 9.

Florida state waters in the Gulf reach from the shoreline out to nine nautical miles. Federal waters extend from state waters out 200 nautical miles.

Bag limits during the season in both Florida and Federal waters will remain at two fish, minimum 16 inches, per angler per day, with a zero daily bag and possession limit for captain and crew of for-hire vessels.

Anglers targeting bottom fish, which includes red snapper, state and federal Gulf waters are required to use dehooking devices and non-offset, non-stainless circle hooks when fishing with natural bait, to help increase the likelihood of a fish’s survivability when released. Venting tools are no longer required when targeting bottom fish, and anglers are free to choose their methods and tools when releasing bottom fish.