$1 Million Awarded to New IGFA Record Holder

Mustad awarded the prize money to Guy Yocom for his world-record 427-pound yellowfin tuna.

March 9, 2013

After an exciting year-long contest, Mustad awarded a $1 million prize to winner Guy Yocom for his record tuna catch. Yocom caught a world-record 427-pound yellowfin tuna on September 18, 2012 out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as part of the “Hook a Million” promotion. The fish was caught about 200 miles south of Cabo.

Mustad’s “Hook a Million” promotion ran for 12 months last year and targeted 10 of the country’s most popular fresh and saltwater fish. The species included Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Channel Catfish, White Crappie, Coho Salmon, Striped Bass, Calico Bass, Redfish, Speckled Trout and Yellowfin Tuna. The contest was open to anglers in all 50 states. To participate, anglers had to use a Mustad hook and be registered in the “Hook A Million” contest at least 24 hours in advance of fishing.

Guy Yocom’s fishing team planned to go after the $1 million prize, and actually landed a fish in the 350-pound range six weeks before hooking the monster. They sent in line for pre-testing by the IGFA to ensure it would not over-test and worked hard to prepare before each trip.


Potential cash awards for the Mustad promotion totaled $1,400,000 for certified fresh and saltwater state records. In order to be a winner in the contest, an angler’s catch had to meet specific contest rules as specified on the Mustad website. To earn the World Record Category prize of $1 million, the angler had to follow the contest rules for reporting their catch to Mustad, and the fish had to be the first entry officially certified as a world record by the International Gamefish Association (IGFA).

The IGFA presented Guy Yocom, of Dana Point, CA, with a World Record Certificate at the Fred Hall Fishing Tackle and Boat Show in Long Beach on Thursday, March 7, 2013. Immediately after, Mustad awarded the $1 million prize. Guy said he will likely share the prize money with the entire crew of the boat El Suertudo, captained by Greg DiStefano, but offered no details as to what the split might be.

“All of us at Mustad would like to thank all anglers for your participation in the Hook A Million contest,” says Magnus Gunnarsson, Mustad Vice President Americas. “We are very proud to congratulate Guy Yocom on his fantastic accomplishment.”


Tackle Used to Land the Record Yellowfin Tuna

  • Hook: Mustad 12/0 39950BLN Demon Perfect Circle Hook
  • Rod: Melton Custom bent-butt rod
  • Reel: Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS
  • Line: Jerry Brown 130-pound braid
  • Leader: 200-pound test

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