This Month In Fishing


14 If you had to pick one day this month when you shouldn't go fishing, today is a wise choice. It's (hint, hint) Mother's Day. And while you're at it, avoid the tackle shop when you go looking for a gift.

19 The "lines in" signal sounds today in the Big Apple, kicking off the 2006 FCA Manhattan Cup. Teams fish around New York Harbor for stripers, blues and weakfish. Sign-in begins at 11 a.m.

27 A new-moon phase begins tonight, so striped bass nuts should not hit the sack early. Use the pitch-black sky to your advantage to detect the movements of bass more easily. Check out "The Surf Masters" on page 74 to learn how to figure the lunar cycle into your striper schedule.

31 In 1982, Jay de Beaubien waited until the last day of the month to break the IGFA all-tackle record for Pacific blue marlin when he boated a 1,376-pounder off Kaaiwi Point, in Hawaii. Run a pink-pearl Super Plunger off the long corner position in the spread, and see if you can raise a record-breaker.