Louisiana's Redfish Paradise

A gallery that shows the admiration for the landscape, culture and redfish that make the Louisiana marsh so unique

A gallery that shows the admiration for the landscape, culture and redfish that make the Louisiana marsh so unique. Where does it rank on your favorite fishing destinations in the world? See our full list of the World's Greatest Fishing Destinations.

Louisiana fishing scenery
Capt. Gregg Arnold, client in tow, races to get back across the Mississippi River before an early-season cold front pushes south and slings lightning over the marsh.Tim Romano
Louisiana fishing
Running home from the Chandeleur Islands.Tim Romano
pelican eating redfish
Pelicans know that redfish taste good too.Tim Romano
Louisiana marsh
A flats skiff and all-you-can-eat fried chicken — the perfect combo.Tim Romano
Louisiana beignets
Beignets and chicory are a staple before a day in the marsh.Tim Romano
Breton Sound Marina
Bragging board at the Breton Sound Marina.Tim Romano
Bourbon Street food
Shrimp and grits — the best way to kick off a night on Bourbon Street.Tim Romano
fishing in Louisiana
While fishing Lousiana, take the attitude of the locals and let the good times roll. But remember, when conditions turn against you and the fishing gets tough — the tough get a case of beer.Tim Romano
crawfish and lobster boil
Sometimes a boil is better than being on the water.Tim Romano
big redfish in Biloxi
Roy Tanami gets a little help from Bryan "Bear" Holeman landing a big redfish in the Biloxi marsh.Tim Romano
fishing Louisiana
Braving the fog in search of redfish.Tim Romano
Penny's Cafe in Louisiana
If you know about Penny’s, I need say no more.Tim Romano
fishing for Louisiana redfish
Travis Holeman holds a very health Louisiana redfish. That fish wasn't a picky eater, but landing him was a different story.Tim Romano
oyster season in Louisiana
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries manages approximately 1.7 million acres of public oyster areas in Louisiana. The oyster season for public oyster areas generally runs from the first Wednesday following Labor Day in September through April 30 of the following year. Or you can just shimmy on down to your local raw joint.Tim Romano
Louisiana marsh fishing
One star in the marsh.Tim Romano
Louisiana marsh fishing
The marsh looks lifeless until you look around.Tim Romano
fishing for Louisiana redfish
The sun will hit the water in just the right spots to sight fish for the reds.Tim Romano