How to tie a leader to braid: Slim Beauty Knot

Use the Slim Beauty to join a heavy leader to a much thinner main line.

The Slim Beauty, which originated in the Florida Keys, was developed for tying leaders for tarpon, where a heavy leader or shock tippet must be joined to a much thinner main line. It’s effective with both monofilament and fluorocarbon leader material. With the main line doubled before tying, this knot maintains full line strength and is compact enough to easily slip through the rod guides when you are using a long leader.

Here’s how it is tied:

a cord tied in a lose double overhand knot

Step 1

Tie a loose double overhand knot in the end of the leader material. Dave Lear
cord tied in a figure 8 knot

Step 2

Slowly pull this knot until it forms a loose figure 8. Dave Lear

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two cords tied together through a double 8 knot

Step 3

Double a 15- to 24-inch section of the main line and pass the end loop through the top and bottom of the Figure 8 knot. Dave Lear
two cords twisted together to tie a knot

Step 4

Wrap the double main-line tag four to six times down the leader and three to four times back again towards the Figure 8. Dave Lear

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two cords tied together in a slim beauty knot
Pass the end loop through the first gap formed by the wraps, above the Figure 8. Dave Lear

Moisten the wraps/knots with saliva to reduce friction and heat. Tighten the Figure 8 knot by pulling the tag-end loop and main line portion quick steady pressure, tighten the wraps by pulling the leader and doubled line, not the loop.

Trim the tag ends of the double line and cut off the excess loop.


Tie on a Cockroach pattern or chartreuse Toad and put a silver king in the air!