Henschel Ulti Mode Reel

September 23, 2004

Henschel Reels announces the development of a new series of Combination Reels.

  • The Combination reels incorporate both Direct Drive and Anti Reverse modes.

  • The Ulti Mode reels are large arbor reels, they are larger than its Dual Mode reels but smaller than its “Power & Speed” reels.

  • The arbor of the Ulti Mode reel is the same diameter as the outer diameter of the Dual Mode reel in the corresponding size.

  • Very New: An innovative spool lock that both reduces the time needed to change and simplifies changing fly lines.

  • The frame of the Ulti Mode reel houses the drag and reel handle so that only the portion of the spool holding the backing and line need to be exchanged.

  • The Ulti Mode reel meets the special requirements of the fisherman who often changes lines with the changing fishing conditions.


Outer diameter: 4.52 inches


Arbor diameter: 3.38 inches

Spool width: 1.10 inches

Capacity line: WF 10


Backing: 273 yards of 20-pound

Weight: 16.15 ounces

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