Super Accurates


Accurate has taken its exclusive TwinDrag technology to the next level with the introduction of its TDR-80W ($2,000) and TDR-130 ($2,300) Platinum big-game reels. The reels feature Accurate's super-efficient drag system, which applies equal braking pressure to both sides of the spool, plus two-speed gear shifting. The latter allows the angler to switch instantly between a fast 3:1 gear ratio and a powerful 1:1 ratio. Accurate reels are machined from solid bar-stock aluminum and feature stainless-steel gears and shafts, titanium drag washers, and SensSelect drag-adjustment levers. The TDR-80W weighs 128 oz. and holds 950 yrds. of 80 lb. test, while the TDR-130 weighs 160 oz. and holds 950 yrds. of 130 lb. test. Accurate Fishing Products, Los Angeles, CA; (888) ACCU-372.