St. Croix Avid Spinning Reels


The new Avid spinning reels from St. Croix are designed for rugged salt water use and feature 5 premium stainless-steel ball bearings and roller bearings, including a Super Corrosion Resistant Bearing in the line roller. Sporting a rugged, aluminum-alloy body and reverse-tapered aluminum spool for long casts, the 3 Avid reels boast infinite anti-reverse and a Twist Buster line-twist reduction design. The BailSafe feature prevents the bail from accidentally flipping over on the cast, and gyro-balancing ensures wobble-free retrieves. The largest reel in the series has a 4.9:1 gear ratio and will hold up to 230 yrds. of 17 lb. test. All 3 reels carry a suggested retail price of $130. St. Croix, Park Falls, WI; (800) 826-7042;

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