New Electronics


High Standard
Standard Horizon has introduced the CPV350, a GPS chart plotter with a built-in VHF radio. Equipped with a sunlight-viewable, seven-inch TFT color LCD display, the waterproof unit offers a 12-channel WAAS GPS receiver and a plotter compatible with C-Map MAX or NT+ that stores 1,000 waypoints. The VHF brings all the features from a top-of-the-line marine radio, including digital selective calling with distress alert, a voice scrambler, loud hailer, weather alert and more. The CPV350 has a suggested retail price of $1,130, and versions with 10.4- and 12-inch displays are in the pipeline. Standard Horizon; (714) 827-7600;

Heat Seeker

The 1018i camera from Night Vision Technologies uses thermal imaging to help the user "see" thermal differences, showing hot objects as bright and cool objects as dark on a linked display. It is not intended for use as the primary navigation tool. The 1018i has a 25 mm lens, a remotely operated tilt housing and NTSC video output. The manufacturer says anglers can use it to see water-temperature breaks. The 1018i sells for $17,000. Night Vision Technologies; (866) 444-8628;

Star Power

The Northstar 8000i is a flexible system that integrates navigation and entertainment functionality. The 8000i comes with either a 12- or 15-inch touch screen and can provide a chart plotter using C-Map MAX Pro cartography, a depthsounder, MARPA-enabled radar and fuel and engine management, including SmartCraft. Also an entertainment system, the 8000i plays CDs and DVDs and can be interfaced with existing stereo and video systems. The 8000i allows customization of data display and networking for up to 20 screens and sells for $5,000 for the 12-inch display and $7,000 for the 15-inch model. Northstar; (800) 628-4487;