ACR Firefly2 Doublefly Combo Light


The Firefly2 Doublefly combo light ($107) is an incandescent lamp, as well as a brilliantXenon strobe in a single compact, lightweight body. Originally designed to meet stringent military requirements, the Firefly Doubleflyis built upon the state-of-the-art electronic circuitry and strobetube that recently gained notoriety for surviving a four-year,40-million-flash endurance test.

The strobe provides abrilliant 360-degree flash exceed ing 250,000 peak lumens of lightthat effectively penetrates rain and fog. Its operational life is a minimum of eight continuous hours. The omni-directional incandescentlamp provides maximum intensity of 1.4 candela and is visiblefor over 1.2 nautical miles with an operational life of over four hours.ACR,Ft.Lauderdale, FL; (954) 981-3333.