Whiting Fly-Tier's Variety Pack

Affordable, top-quality hackles.

When it comes to hackle it's always nice to have more than one kind on hand, not to mention multiple colors. The problem is that good materials get expensive fast, and you don't always need that much of a certain color or type of feather. That's why **Whiting **introduced its new Fly Tier's Variety Pack.

This pack offers an affordable,top-quality collection of hackles for the budget-minded tier. Each one has 22 exclusive trims from Whiting's best pro-duct lines and comes with an equal amount of grizzly, natural and vibrantly dyed colors for every type of feather included. To ensure each pack is unique, none of the colors are duplicated. Every package contains a selection of American Rooster, American Hen, Whiting Hen, Hebert-Miner Hen, American Rooster Crests, Hebert-Miner Rooster and Whiting Rooster Cape trims. Whiting hand-selects every piece that goes into the variety packs to make sure you get only complete feather trims.

Whiting's Fly Tier's Variety Pack retails for $10. For more information, write to Whiting Farms, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Delta, CO 81416; call 888-321-0003; or visit www.whitingfarms.com.