May 2013 IGFA Records

The latest saltwater catches submitted for IGFA World Record consideration.

May 20, 2013
In the Atlantic waters off Florida, USA, the season for black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci) did not open until May 1st. However, the closed season didn’t prevent angler and IGFA Board Member Roy Cronacher Jr. from landing the first potential All-Tackle Length record for black grouper – a newly added species to this record category – as it was quickly released alive after being documented. Cronacher was fishing off Key West on April 16th with the legendary Capt. Ralph Delph, and the fish was landed in 10 minutes after eating the live herring being fished on the bottom. Measuring out to 82 cm, Cronacher’s fish surpassed the minimum length of 75 cm needed to submit a catch for this currently vacant record category. COURTESY IGFA / IGFA.ORG
Aussie angler Frank Bluch and Capt. Stephen Brown were able to chum up the tuna while drifting off Portland, Australia on April 5th, which allowed Bluch to entice a 17.06 kg (37 lb 9 oz) southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) to take the custom pilchard fly he was casting. After nearly two hours connected with the tuna, Bluch was finally able to subdue this potential men’s 6 kg (12 lb) tippet class record, which eclipses the existing record by nearly 20 pounds. COURTESY IGFA / IGFA.ORG
Fly fishing maestro Tom Evans Jr. of Grafton, Vermont, USA recently returned from New Zealand with another amazing potential record catch to his name. While fishing with Capt. Darren Hayden out of Whangaroa on March 19th, Evans hooked up to a 240 lb 15 oz striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax) on fly rod! After the teased up fish inhaled Evans’ well-presented custom fly, the experienced angler needed 45 minutes to subdue his pending men’s 10 kg (20 lb) tippet class record. The existing record stands at 96 kg (211 lb 10 oz). COURTESY IGFA / IGFA.ORG
Fourteen year old angler Hayley Henry was fishing off her hometown of Homestead, Florida, USA on April 7th when she hooked a huge permit (Trachinotus falcatus) after it ate the live crab she cast to it. Nearly an hour later, the exhausted young angler subdued the fish under the direction of her guide and father, Anton Henry. Weighing in at an impressive 18.51 kg (40 lb 13 oz), Hayley qualifies for the potential new Female Junior record. The current record stands at 14.51 kg (32 pounds). COURTESY IGFA / IGFA.ORG
Angler Bruce Smith traveled from his home in San Diego, California, USA to a remote chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean known as the Clipperton Atoll. While this exotic destination may be hard to reach, the fishing is defintely worth the effort, as Bruce Smith found out. On March 2nd, Smith cast a custom fly to a beautiful 5.9 kg (13-pound) bluefin trevally (Caranax melampygus) that took him 15 minutes to land. Once subdued, the fish was quickly weighed, documented, and released alive – qualifying Smith for the potential men’s 04 kg (8 lb) tippet class record, which currently stands at 5.44 kg (12 pounds). COURTESY IGFA / IGFA.ORG
Record applications for each of the species in this gallery are currently under review as anglers in Australia, the Clipperton Atoll, New Zealand, and Florida, USA wait to find out whether their waters have produced the new title holders. Check out current world records at the IGFA.

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