Chumming ... Without the Mess


Fishing for cobia along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is usually done by anchoring along a shoal and cutting up bunker for chum. This can be an extremelymessy ordeal. To simplify the job and eliminate the mess, I usea chum tube dispenser made from PVC pipe. It's inexpensive andproduces an outstanding slick.

Cut a four-foot length of 3" PVC pipe (tube may be longer if desired) and glue a 3" end-cap to one end. Drill 1/2" holes in the cap.Next, drill 1/2" holes around the bottom half of the pipe(the part with the capped end). Now add a 3" reducer capwith a 11/2" end. Do not glue the reducer cap on. You'll need to remove itto add bait and clean the inner pipe at the end of the day.

Cut a three-foot length of 11/2"PVC pipe and glue a 11/2"end-cap to it. This pipe, or plunger, will be used to chop baitfishin the larger pipe, so that the pieces wash out the bottom holes.Cut saw-like edges in the end of the plunger. This will help inchopping the baitfish.

Tie a line around thechum tube using a clove hitch and hang it from the rear cleat.To clean, just remove the reducer cap, and rinse with a hose.

- Capt. John Koenig, John's Addiction Charters, Virginia Beach,Virginia