Hewes Redfisher 16: 2022 Boat Buyers Guide

The Redfisher 16 is a versatile flats boat.

Hewes Redfisher 16 poling
The Redfisher 16 can be easily fished with a trolling motor or poled. Courtesy Hewes

Flats and backcountry waters are places where winds, tides and the vagaries of fish moods deal a thrilling new hand each day. Only a special boat can match those ever-changing conditions, and Hewes, part of the Maverick Boat Group, has been building those special boats for six decades.

From that tradition and history springs a new generation of Hewes boats—craft the company calls lighter, stronger and better-built than the originals, with better layouts and enhanced performance. 

Today’s Hewes boats are constructed with Maverick’s proprietary VARIS (vacuum-assisted resin-infusion system) process and advanced core materials, to produce boats stronger and stiffer for their weight than ever.


Hewes Redfisher 16

A great flats boat runs and fishes bigger than its size. That perfectly describes the redesigned Redfisher 16, the smallest in the three-boat Redfisher line and a serious backcountry boat that’s easy to manage. 

With the famous Hewes ride, the range provided by 32-gallon fuel capacity and horsepower options from 70 to 115, this boat can cover lots of water comfortably and safely—even in rougher conditions. Fishing grounds reached, the wide beam and walk-around gunwales create an exceptionally stable fishing platform in water as shallow as 11 inches. The Redfisher 16 can be easily fished with a trolling motor or poled. 

Redfisher 16 livewell
There’s a 23.5-gallon lighted center livewell. Courtesy Hewes

Standard are a pair of three-rod console rod racks, a 24-volt trolling-motor system, and undergunwale racks for 9-plus-foot rods and tube-style tip protectors. Also featured are a 23.5-gallon lighted center livewell, blue LED interior lighting, hydraulic SeaStar steering, trim tabs, and a 35-gallon Engel cooler/console seat with cushions. Large guttered and gasketed compartments conceal vast dry-storage space. 


Adding to all this versatility—the Redfisher 16 can fit in your garage, poised for action. 

Manufacturer’s Remark

With their resin infusion construction and new layouts, these current Hewes live up to their legacy and more.

Performance Data

  • Test Power: Yamaha V90LA
  • Test Props: Talon SS, 13 1/8” x 18”
  • Test Load: 1,793 lb., incl. 15 gal. fuel, battery, safety and test equipment, plus two people 
  • Test Speed: 44 mph @ 6,000 rpm
  • Max Range: 225 mi. @ 3,500 rpm, 21.7 mph


LOA: 16’6″
Beam: 7’3″
Fuel Capacity: 32 gal.
Dry Weight: 1,700 lb. with power
Max HP: 115
Certifications: NMMA

Editor Says

The brand name alone signifies a quality skiff, but this new Hewes incorporates all the latest tricks in the boatbuilding trade. The 16 1/2-footer is strong and compact yet ready to fish flats and bays. Add the optional poling platform, and you’ll complete the coveted sight-casting game plan. – Chris Woodward, Executive Editor, Fishing Group


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