Pro Sports 2200 WA ProKat

September 21, 2007

Pro Sports Boats continues to introduce new catamaran models as thatportion of its business grows rapidly in relation to its lineof sturdy monohull boats. Mike Robinson, Pro Sports’ president,says the cat business is hot and the demand for these boats ison the rise, so the company was eager to add to its catamaranline.

The latest addition isthe 2200 WA ProKat, which is built on the same proven 22-foothulls as the 2200 CC ProKat center console we tested last year.The new boat is a walkaround cuddy design, and offers the samegreat ride and handling characteristics found in the center console,with the addition of a cabin for the family.

The 2200 WA has a large,open cockpit with twin 35-gallon live wells in the transom bulkheadjust forward of the integrated engine platform. A transom gatebetween the wells provides access to the platform, where you’llfind a centerline swim ladder. Because cats have their enginesmounted farther apart than monohulls, there’s lots of space betweenthem for getting in and out of the water.


Pro Sports builds inrod racks under the gunwales, with room for two rods per side.Two fore-and-aft fishboxes are recessed into the twin hulls andwill hold an ample supply of ice and fish, or can be used forstorage. At the forward end of the cockpit there’s a small stepthat leads to the bridgedeck and helm area.

The compact helm stationallows you to sit or stand while steering, a definite advantage,while enjoying great visibility in all directions. Twin pedestalseats accommodate the helmsman and a passenger, and the gaugesarc over the wheel, where they’re in plain sight from all angles.There are also tackle drawers beneath the helm.

Lots of Cabin Space

When you step down intothe cabin area, you find a surprising amount of room. The entirecabin is basically a double berth, and it’s a roomy one. Lotsof smaller boats call their berths “double,” but you’dbe hard-pressed to fit two adults into one. This boat can do itin comfort.


There’sa fresh water sink to port as you enter the cabin, with storagespace beneath it. A porta-potty is concealed in the starboardhull beneath the aft corner of the bunk, out of sight and outof the way. A large storage tray forward holds loose items, andthe entire cabin is finished nicely, with carpet overhead, lights,a mirror, and three portlights to let in the sun.

Like its center consolesibling, the new 2200 WA runs well. As we’ve often pointed out,displacement cats run very level and hardly lean at all duringturns. They slice through waves (small ones, anyway) without noticingthem, and the ride must be experienced if you haven’t tried it.It is so different from a monohull that it feels strange at first,but quickly becomes very comfortable.

We tested the 2200 WAin the protected waters of Florida Bay north of Key Largo, althoughit didn’t give us a chance to assess its rough-water attributes.The 2200 rides level and accelerates with no bow rise. At a 4000rpm cruise speed, it traveled at 25 mph with twin 130-hp Yamahatwo-stroke outboards. Pushing the throttles wide open, we reacheda top speed of 42 mph at 5800 rpm.


Cats are just plain funto drive, and this new one from Pro Sports is no exception. Lotsof fishermen are switching to cats these days, not just becausethey’re fun, but because they offer a way to fish without thepounding we used to believe was inevitable with a lot of monohulls.

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