All About the Pivot Cast

What I am advocating is a natural casting stroke...

Q: I read Lefty's article on the pivot cast, and it makes a lot of sense to me. If I understand correctly, the power stroke when using the pivot cast is longer than the traditional fly-casting motion. Is that correct? Will this change in technique affect my selection of rod taper or action?

David Smith

A: It will not affect rod action or taper, David. But it will make your fly-casting much easier. Fly-casting is the only sport I know where most participants use only the arm and hand. What I am advocating is a natural casting stroke.

If you were to throw a spear or a baseball a long distance, serve a high-speed tennis ball or drive a golf ball down the fairway, you would not use just your arm and hand. You would extend your hand and arm well back, pivot your body and make a natural motion.

I couldn't sell hacksaws in a prison, so I am not trying to sell you anything. But if you are seriously interested, I suggest you check out Casting With Lefty Kreh, recently published by Stackpole Books. It has 80,000 words and 1,100 illustrated sequence photos on the subject.

Last thought: As long as you keep your upper body vertical during this cast, the boat won't rock in calm water. Sway the upper body, and you will create waves alerting fish.