What a whacky May!

All sorts of wind, weather , and fish!

Well, this May has been VERY unkind and kind. It justs depends on where you are and when. We have had a lot of wind and clouds from all directions of the compass which is difficult at best. But when we get our windows, things have been pretty good. From May 15-21 we have had it all. Very light winds for two days last week allowed us to sight fish TARPON AND BIG JACKS right off the beach wading. Wow!!! I had to run some trips in the bay so boo hoo, poor me. It only lasted for two days and then the wind and clouds returned. Some good reds are being caught when the sun peaks out and some snook are already in the Lower Laguna Madre Bay and S. Bay. Quite a bit early, but who's complaining? Big Jacks were crashing bait the last few days by the Causeway Bridge from Port Isabel to S. Padre Island. Much tackle was torn up with my under-gunned clients with 8wts. These fish were horses and fish friendly structure was a big issue. Drifting the grass flats in the early A.M. and chucking surface poppers has been very good.
Capt. Jim Blackburn