71 Striped Marlin

Los Cabos

July 18, 2005

101 Charters of the CABO MAGIC Sportfishing Team account for the following summary numbers during the period 10-16 July 2005.

  • 71 Striped Marlin
  • 5 Pacific Sailfish
  • 25 Yellowfin Tuna
  • 25 Skipjack
  • 10 Dorado
  • 3 Wahoo
  • 10 Pargo
  • 5 Roosterfish
  • Lots of Sierra
  • Lots of YellowTail
  • 12 Boats had no suerte.

Great fishing and catching this period!  Still seeing weather and water patterns/conditions more typical of springtime too.

An estimated nearly 300# swordfish was lost on the first day of this period.  Sunday 10 July aboard our flagship “CABO MAGIC” Thomas Cuttler and friends from Crystal Beach, Florida, on their second and final day aboard, experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  They boated 19 Yellowfin Tuna in the 60-80# Class and successfully released a Striped Marlin, when they hooked into the Swordfish.  After almost 4 hours fighting this larger than usually seen in our area Swordie, and after three times of seeing the fish around 20 feet from the boat, the fish won the battle.


The Beach Family of Fort Worth, Texas fished with us on their first trip to Cabo.  In two days with us aboard “ADRENALINE” and Bronco  they successfully released a total of 4 Striped Marlin.

Tom and Cynthis Grimm from Arlington, Texas tried their “suerte” (luck) on our “PANGA KARINA” and caught one good sized Sierra and a bunch of skipjack!

Carl Wikoff and his son Michael visiting from Clearwater, Florida experienced a fine CABO MAGIC Experience in their three days with us aboard “CABO MAGIC” and “ADRENALINE” with these impressive totals: Release of 8 Striped Marlin, as well as boating 1 Wahoo and an estimated 60$ Bull Dorado.


Glen Barnes and his group of amigos from Covina, California fished aboard our “CABO MAGIC” and in two days post these also impressive totals: 3 Striped Marlin released and 1 Dorado 2 Yellowfin Tuna boated.  Nice!

Larry Diesler of Tempe, Arizona along with his sons Shaun and Matt caught no fish the day they were aboard our 28′ “SUELTA ME”.

Jeremy Berkley fished aboard our panga “OSO BLANCO” and caught a Striped Marlin!  What a nice wedding gift from his bro-in-law and brother of the bride – Justin Griffin of El Cajon, California.


Having fished the world over, Beverly Hills Antiques Dealer Michael Newman decided it was time to try Cabo San Lucas.  He brought his son David and client Anthony Delacono from Boston, Massachusettes and will fish a total of three days with us including the day of this report Sunday.  Thusfar two days totals for Friday and Saturday this lucky group have already released 4 Striped Marlin and boated a large Yellowfin Tuna.

Dr Paul Dougherty of Camarillo, California aboard our YAYO II along with Jim Dougherty and Jim Rudloff enjoyed a nice day on the water with no fish – darn it.

Eric Guiler fished with his buddy Matt Elliott aboard our 28′ “SUELTA ME” and enjoyed their day on the water as well as one Striped Marlin and one Yellowfin Tuna too.


Charleen McNaught of Mesa, Arizona, aka “One Happy Mom” fished abboard “SUELTA ME” and released one Striped Marlin, caught another Striped Marlin, and caught a 40# Yellowfin Tuna too!

The Glenn Sams group visiting from El Dorado, Arkansas fought, caught and released 2 Striped Marlin on their day aboard our “ADRENALINE”.  Congratulations!

Our newest CABO MAGIC Sportfishing team addition, our 31′ Bertram “CABO MAGIC Dos” is now available to charter Fish with Captain Roberto “Chapulin” and his mate Chito and see your report here next week!

Best fishy wishes from all of us at CABO MAGIC Sportfishing!


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