1. Fly Fishing in Salt Waters accepts freelance-writtenarticles on a query basis for both features and departments. Pleasesend written queries for any articles you may have for FlyFishing in Salt Waters with your name, address, phone number,social security number and an SASE. Queries should be concise andpertain to saltwater flyfishing, destinations, personalities andrelated topics only. Send queries to FFSW, PO Box 8500, WinterPark, FL 32790, or e-mail jessica.chapman@worldpub.net.

2. All features will be edited as necessary, usually to alength of 1,500 to 2,500 words. If an assigned article isunacceptable as submitted, the author may be given one opportunityat a rewrite. If an article is accepted by the editor, but is notused for reasons out of the author's control, a 25% kill fee willbe paid to author.

3. Fly Fishing in Salt Waters gladly accepts "over thetransom" submissions, but accepts no responsibility for the returnof such materials. In all cases, though, the editors will attemptto respond to such materials in a timely fashion.

4. Very often, one of the key determining factors in ourdecision-making process regarding submitted queries and manuscriptsis the amount and quality of available photography on the subjectin question. See the Photographer's Guidelines in the followingsection for more information on this subject.

5. One of the easiest ways to begin publishing your material in_Fly Fishing in Salt Waters_ is by contributing to the smallerdepartments:

* Send short news items which directly relate to fly-fishing,fishery regulations, the boating industry or other related topicsto the attention of "Salt Spray." Keep the items short and to thepoint, and provide photography or illustration support whenpossible.

* We accept various freelance for our Tackle & Techniquedepartment. Lead items focus on general, universal fly-fishingtechniques or tackle advancements. Keep the word count to 1,500 orless, and provide a small selection of photos or illustration ideasfor support. Saltwater 101 items address techniques especially foranglers new to saltwater fly-fishing. Again, send no more than1,500 words and at least a handful of photos. The Tippets sectionis the place for you to submit short briefs on fly-fishingtechniques, tackle innovations, etc. Keep the items under 250words, and provide photo or illustration support. Finally, ourCasting columns are produced by a trio of regular contributors; wedo not accept freelance submissions for this section.

* If you have a background in fisheries management or haveaccess to those involved in specific conservation agendas, you maybe in position to contribute to our Resource department. Theseitems usually focus on specific fisheries-based problems ratherthan broad subjects (i.e., commenting on a proposed longline banversus discussing the general problems related to longlining). Keepthe word count around 1,500 words.