Walkaround Cabin Cargo Net


Most of the fishermen I know with walkarounds use the berth in the cabin for storage rather than sleeping, and on rough days all the gear usually ends up scattered on the floor. I made an inexpensive cargo net to keep all my gear safely stowed and off the floor. I bought a 6' by 6' piece of cargo net from an industrial supply company, folded it in half for strength and had a fabric shop put nylon webbing and brass grommets along one edge and snaps on the other. I then took some bungee cords and cut them in half, inserted each cut end through a grommet in the netting and tied a knot to keep it in place. I mounted padeyes from the hardware store on the fiberglass cabin ceiling and screwed snaps into the fiberglass along the edge of the berth. I place all my gear on the berth and then attach the cargo net with the bungee cords to the hooks. It keeps all my gear secure for a total investment of roughly $40.

- Sam Martinez, Macon, Georgia