Wake Up the Tuna


It's no secret that tuna can be drawn to the boat with teasers, especially ones that create a lot of bubbles and commotion. We make simple "bubbler-teasers" out of coffee cans to attract tuna. Perforate the base of the can many times with an ice pick, then punch two holes on opposite sides near the lip of the can. To fashion a bridle for the can, straighten a wire hanger, cut it to the appropriate length, and create a loop by twisting the center into a loop. Then pass each end of the hanger through one of the holes at the top of the can and twist them around the standing part of the hanger. Tie a rope to the middle loop on the bridle and tie it to the stern cleat. We have best results with two bubblers - one on each stern cleat. Adjust the length of the line to fine-tune each bubbler for optimal performance. At trolling speed, the cans fill with air and dive, streaming bubbles out the bottom. Then they surface, fill with air and dive again, creating turbulence behind the boat and attracting tuna to our lures.

- Ed Rosina, Groveville, New Jersey