Uniden's GMRS 700

Uniden bolsters it line of hand-held, two-way radios with new extended-range models.

Uniden walkie talkie

Uniden walkie talkie

Staying on top of the power curve in radio technology, Uniden isbolstering its product line with two extended-range General MobileRadio Service two-way radios. With a range of up to 7 miles, theGMRS 750 and GMRS 720-2 offer users more freedom andflexibility.

Uniden's GMRS 700 series of hand-held two-way radios has a7-mile range utilizing its patent-pending Power Boost button, whichallows consumers to implement the highest transmit power oncommand. This provides ultimate range while still maximizingbattery life.

In addition, the GMRS 750 meets JIS4 waterproof specificationsand features full rubber grips and seals, offering a rugged designthat stands up in all conditions. Utilizing all 22 channels (8GMRS, 14 FRS), the 700 series models give customers the widestspectrum of channels available, reducing interference to anabsolute minimum.

Other features include 38 CTCSS privacy codes, 7 NOAA weatherchannels, emergency/ weather alert, voice activated transmit (VOX),channel scan/monitor, key lock and more. The GMRS 720-2 ($59.99)comes in a dual pack, complete with two radios.

The GMRS 750 ($39.99) is also available in a dual pack withrechargeable alkaline batteries and corresponding chargers for$99.99. For more information, visit [www. uniden.com](http://www. uniden.com ).