Loreto, Baja Mexico

Summertime in the Baja is just plain hot - both the temperature and the fishing.

July 21, 2005

Summertime in the Baja is just plain hot – both the temperature and the fishing. Loreto, a small village just above the East Cape that sits inside the Sierra de la Gigante mountains, offers one of the most scenic and undeveloped vistas along the Baja. Founded in 1697, this town is also the oldest permanent settlement in the Californias.
One advantage to fishing Loreto is that there are plenty of other things a non-fishing companion can do. But those who come to fish can find small dorado, roosterfish, bonito, sierra mackerel, jacks and barracuda just off the beach, as well as big dorado, sailfish, marlin, skipjack, yellowtail and yellowfin tuna offshore. Few places rival the variety of species found here, and reputable  local charter services and guides know how to fly-fish for them.

Because temperatures soar in the middle of the day during summer, most people fish in the early morning, join the locals for a midday siesta and then resume fishing in the late afternoon. However, your best opportunities for sight-fishing along the beaches occur from the middle of the day into the afternoon, especially during the incoming tide. When fishing around rocks, you’ll want to fish the down-current side where most of the fish wait to ambush prey.

You should bring several outfits ranging from 7- to 12-weights. If you intend to fish only the beach, you can get away with a 7- or an 8-weight and a 9- or 10-weight, but if you’re heading offshore you’ll definitely need 10- and 12-weight sticks. Intermediate or Type III or IV sinking lines will allow you to cover pretty much every situation, including using poppers along the rocks. Select flies that resemble anchovies and sardines, including Clousers, Deceivers, Sea Habits, Surf Candies and Mushmouths tied in appropriate colors. Don’t be afraid to fish patterns as large as 5 inches, either. Offshore, most large baitfish flies that resemble mullet, sardines or anchovies will work well.


For more information about fishing Loreto, contact:

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