Reader Tips: Chum Your Bait Deep

Use this rig to get chunked pieces of chum to bottom, where your baited hooks are.

Often when you’re chunking baits, the tide and current carry the chunks far away from your baited hook.

Here’s a way to lower the chunks and release them alongside your baited hook.

The rig requires an outrigger clip, a snap swivel, a 12-ounce sinker, a length of at least 130-pound-test mono and a crimping sleeve.

1) Snap the release clip to the running line of a second rod and then crimp 24 inches of the heavy mono to the clip.

2) Knot in a sinker 14 inches down from the crimp. This leaves an 8-inch tag end, on which you thread cut chunks.

3) Put the end of the tag end in the clip, and lower it all to the bottom.

With a sharp tug, the weight of the sinker and the snap of the rod will pull the tag end from the clip, releasing the chunks near the baited hook.

**Bobby Dufkis **

Chicago, Illinois