The Offshore Swivel Knot

This fishing knot is versatile and work well with heavy line and swivels

The Offshore Swivel Knot is a very strong knot that is commonly used by offshore fishermen to secure large swivels to heavy fishing line. However, it is also useful for tying lighter mono to a hook eye or the split ring of a lure. Moistening the knot wraps with saliva helps to tighten heavy, big-game line. One of the benefits of using this knot with doubled line is that if one leg of the line breaks during the course of the fight, the other leg will hold.

1. Form a section of double line using a Bimini Twist or Spider Hitch and insert the loop through one eye of the swivel.

2. Bring the end of the loop back and pinch it to the standing part of the doubled line.


3. Pass the swivel through both loops.

4. Continue passing the swivel through both loops six or seven times.

5. Grasp the swivel with pliers and begin tightening the knot by pulling on both standing parts of the doubled line with even tension. As the knot begins to tighten, push the wraps of the knot against the swivel with your fingers.


6. The completed knot.

Basic Knots & Rigs

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