How to Tie the Spider Hitch Knot

The Spider Hitch is a fast and easy way to form a double line.

Tying a hook, lure or leader to a double line increases the strength of the terminal connection comes in handy in a fight with a stubborn fish. The Spider Hitch is a fast and easy way to form a double line. While it lacks the shock absorption of a Bimini Twist, under steady pressure it’s just as strong, and much quicker to tie.

Start with double lines for the Spider Hitch
1. Double the end of the line, establishing the length of double line you want to finish with. 2. Lay the doubled line over itself, where you want the knot to lie. 3. Pinch the crossing under your thumb. 4. Slowly wrap the doubled loop clockwise around the thumbnail five to six times. Dave Lear
Pull the line through for the Spider Hitch
5. Once the wraps are made, pinch the double line against the back of the small loop 6. Thread the end of the big loop through the smaller one. 7. Pull the double line all the way through the small loop. 8. Pull the doubled line and let the wraps slide off you’re the end of your thumb. Dave Lear
Trim the excess line for the Spider Hitch
9. Slowly pull all the wraps off the thumb by gripping all four lines, keeping them taut, and pulling evenly. 10. Wet the knot and tighten by pulling all strands evenly at the same time. 11. Trim the excess tag end. The formed loop can then be tied directly to a lure, hook or leader. Dave Lear