The Perfection Loop

The Perfection Loop provides a non-slip, rounded loop to enhance the action of lures and hooks.

Long favored by fly anglers so leaders can be quickly interchanged, the Perfection Loop is a versatile knot for conventional anglers as well. It’s strong and provides a non-slip, rounded loop to enhance the action of lures and hooks. The Perfection Loop is not difficult to tie with a little practice, either. Here’s how it’s done:

Perfection Knot loop
Form a loop by crossing behind the standing line several inches from the end. Hold the loose loop together between the thumb and index finger. Dave Lear
Second loop of Perfection Knot
With the tag end, make a second loop over the top and hold both loops in place with your thumb and finger. Dave Lear
Pulling two loops together
Lay the tag end between the two formed loops. Maintain the grip and pull the second (top) loop down through the first (back) loop. Dave Lear
Continue pulling loops
Continue pulling to tighten the knot. Apply some saliva to reduce friction until the knot cinches. Dave Lear
Trim the tag end
Trim the remaining tag end. Dave Lear

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