St. Croix Tarpon Rod

Tarpon fishermen are such perfectionists that choosing their equipment is tantamount to performing surgery. Everything must be exact and up to the challenge. They know that the action of the rod, in many cases, can make or break the fight, literally. St. Croix has designed a new tarpon rod
for its popular Avid fly rod series that should stand up to the toughest scrutiny.
  The new Avid Tarpon rod is a
9-foot, 12-weight,
2-piece rod with a special cork fighting grip, black anodized aluminum reel seat with two locking rings, oversized hard-chrome single-foot fly guides, and Pacific Bay Hialoy stripper guides. The rod weighs just over 6 ounces and features a Cordura-covered rod case with divided nylon liners. It is backed by St. Croix’s unconditional lifetime
  The rod retails for $230. For more information, contact St. Croix, 856 4th Ave. N., Park Falls, WI 54552; 800-826-7042.