Slide on, Sinker


I'm a big fan of superbraid but find that with some rigs, it binds. With setups that place a sinker, such as an egg sinker, directly on the main line, the thin-diameter line cuts into the soft lead — usually at the worst possible time — and could cost me a fish. To solve the problem, I rigged a "sinker keeper" with a foot of monofilament and a couple of swivels and beads. I use line that is the same strength or greater than the main line, double it and tie a double surgeon's knot, which leaves me with a loop a bit over four inches long — make yours as long as you like. I make a cow hitch by passing the loop through one eye of a swivel, then I pass the swivel through the loop and snug it up — a loop-to-loop connection. Onto the loop, I slide a bead to protect the cow hitch, a sinker and another bead, then attach the swivel to the other end with another cow hitch. When I want to add a sinker to my braided line, I tie one end of this rig to my main line, then tie the leader to the other end. I may lose a bit of movement in the sinker, but it doesn't bind at all when I'm hooked up. I tie a bunch of these in advance.
— Capt. Lynden Huggins, Raleigh, North Carolina