Sandy Point Essentials

Rickmon Bonefish Lodge & Motel (242-366-4477; fax 242-366-4478) charges $2,200 for seven nights, six days of fishing, based on double occupancy in air-conditioned rooms. The fee includes the guide and boat (two anglers per boat with lunch and drinks) and round-trip transportation between Marsh Harbour Airport and lodge. Six nights’, five days’ fishing is $1,895.
As for tackle:


 For bonefish, take 8- and 9-weight rods and reels that hold a full 200 yards of 30-pound backing. The 9-weight will handle permit, but a stout 10-weight is better and can double as a dredging rod. Bring a big reel loaded with one of the new thin "superbraid" backing lines for dredging.


 For the flats, use floaters. Mono-tip floaters will also work on deeper flats. For dredging, sinking-head lines from 350 to 475 grains are ideal.


For bonefish, flies with legs like the Mantis Shrimp in gold and tan, Bahama Special and Bonefish Bitters, plus some of Borski's shrimp and crab patterns in sizes 4, 6 and 8 are popular with Rickmon anglers. Gotchas, Charlies (tan and honey), Squimps and small Clousers also worked for us. For permit, bring an assortment of crab patterns from size 1/0 to size 6.


 Bring comfortable flats booties, because you can do a lot of walking. Bring insect repellant, and if the doctor flies are bad ("they draw blood, mon, jest like the doctor do with the needle"), you'll need long-sleeved shirts and pants. A small BogaGrip will make releasing toothy fish easy. For dredging, a stripping glove and a roll of 3M Durapore Tape will protect your fingers when a big fish suddenly grabs your fly and blasts off.

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