Rio's New Fly Lines

Striper fishermen represent some of the most dedicated anglers around. They wait all winter until the first spring run and fish hard right through the fall, regardless of weather. While fishing rugged, unfriendly coasts, these guys wade waist deep through cold water in search of a monster linesider. For these fishermen, Rio introduces a pair of new fly lines, the Striper 26-foot DC and the Striper 26-foot DC Versitip.
The Striper 26 DC features Rio¿' new Powerflex monofilament core technology that was designed to be tangle-resistant in cold conditions. The line features a translucent intermediate sinking running line, a heavier body and a back taper designed to turn over the heavy sinking head and big striper flies. These lines feature sink rates from 5.5 inches per second for the 250-grain line up to 8.5 inches per second for the 550-
grain line.
  Rio also makes an interchangeable Versitip version of this new line as well. As with all of Rio¿' Versitip lines, the Striper 26 DC Versitip features smooth welded loops and comes with a 300-grain Aqualux intermediate running line, 250-, 350- and 450-grain heads and a head wallet. An additional 550-grain head is also available.
For more information, contact Rio Products, 5050 S. Yellowstone Hwy., Idaho Falls, ID 83402; 208-524-7760.