Project Tracks Wild Striped Bass and Fluke Online

March 2004

Scientists are tracking 43 striped bass and 30 summer flounder (fluke) in the Mullica River/Great Bay estuary in Ocean County, New Jersey. Rutgers University researchers equipped the fish with surgically implanted acoustic devices that emit tones that are picked up by microphones placed on buoys throughout the estuary. By following the path of each fish from one microphone to the next, the researchers are learning to understand the spawning, feeding and migratory habits of the fish in relation to currents, water temperature, and oxygen and salinity levels. The project managers post their results and discoveries online in real time. To offset the cost of the project, the scientists are also running an "adopt-a-fish" program, in which interested parties can pay $267 for the acoustic tag with a two-year battery and also the honor of naming a fish in the project. For more information or to track the fish, visit