Video: Sight Fishing for Florida Tarpon

A collection of tarpon hookups and sight casts from Florida Gulf Coast's Capt. Bryon Chamberlin.

Tarpon on fly video

Tarpon on fly video

From May to July each year, massive tarpon schools head north along Florida's Gulf Coast. No doubt, tarpon in the Florida Keys get the most attention, and deservedly so. But a growing number of anglers feel that if you can intercept packs of tarpon along the central Gulf Coast, there are more opportunities for fly fishing hookups.

Captain Bryon Chamberlin might agree with that assessment.

Chamberlin and fellow captain Nick Angelo fished along Florida's west central gulf coast in the summer of 2011 and captured video footage of fantastic tarpon action in Florida. After a fish bites, that's just the start of the chaos! The strikes, jumps and other hot action are sure to warm you up on this winter day.

Watch the video below: