VIDEO: Bonefish in Kiritimati

This movie trailer highlights bonefishing on Christmas Island in the Pacific.

Smack in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is Kiritimati, an island often referred to as Christmas Island. Known for its shallow-water fishing and surfing, this coral atoll is part of the Republic of Kiribati.

Christmas Island's only about 120 square miles total, with a massive lagoon that makes up the northwest part of the island. The lagoon's shorelines extend for more than 30 miles, and that main lagoon turns into a network of smaller lagoons, flats, and ponds, all of which harbor a strong population of bonefish.

Geographically, it's pretty hard to get to ... but maybe that's what makes it so inviting to fly anglers? Christmas Island rests about 1,180 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii, 4,200 miles from Sydney, and 3,330 miles from San Francisco.

So if you can make it to Kiritimati, take advantage of the extensive bonefish habitat that will undoudtedly lead to a fishing trip of a lifetime. The producers at SIP-films documented fly anglers targeting bonefish in the movie "Fly Away: Kiritimati." See the movie trailer below: