Top Mackerel Fishing Videos

We've compiled some top viral videos of mackerel fishing.

Prevalent mackerel species worldwide offer anglers passionate fights...and some interesting video, too. The opportunities to target these hard-fighting silver-sided fish are staggering. Below, we've compiled some top amateur mackerel fishing videos ranging from Florida to Australia. The videos vary in quality, but each shows the true versatility and fighting quality of this oily gamefish.

** Shark Attacks Mackerel**

Sometimes the predator becomes the prey. And usually a shark is involved. In this video off North Queensland (Australia), a shark takes a mackerel meal away from an angler. How the angler is slowly fighting the fish makes one think that the boat might have baited this shark into biting. No matter what, this video catches a good shark chomp at boatside.

King Mack on a Bamboo Pole

Try something different--these anglers did. They used a bamboo pole and a handline to reel in their king mackerel.

King Mack Free Jumper

Mackerel are vicious attackers. Known for biting straw lures or even bare hooks, no one's ever claimed mackerel are selective in what they eat. In this video, a mackerel rockets into the boat after targeting a chummed baitfish.

Pier Fishing for Mackerel

Inshore or offshore, mackerel are available to land-based or boat anglers. In the Gulf of Mexico, anglers can target Spanish mackerel and kingfish from piers.

Kayak Fishing for Mackerel

Kayak anglers can also cash in on nearshore mackerel schools. Spanish mackerel congregate in tight schools depending on the season, but "schoolie" king mackerel or even smokers shouldn't be far away. Look for that "green" mackerel water like this kayaker did off a Florida beach.

Mackerel on Fly

The leader and fly must be upgraded, but even fly fishermen can target mackerel with regularity. Schools of feeding mackerel can froth the surface, signaling their location. A solid cast almost always leads to a hookup.

What mackerel videos did we miss? Give us links to your favorite mackerel fishing videos in the comments section below.