Forbes' Top-10 Fly Fishing States

Five out of their top 10 states have saltwater fly fisheries. Who'd they leave out?

Forbes Top 10 Fly

Forbes Top 10 Fly

Forbes recently listed their favorite fly fishing states in the country, as they described it "a thought experiment on the top 10 fly fishing states." Though the states were not listed in any particular order, the top state on the list was Florida.

Which shouldn't surprise anyone considering the sheer amount of water and species available to fly anglers.

"Florida is hands-down the best saltwater flyfishing destination in the United States. The Keys still have big, wary bonefish. They have the wily permit. And they are loaded with tarpon. The Everglades, too, have tarpon, plus redfish and snook and even largemouth bass. Swing around to the Panhandle and you’ll find tarpon and reds. But Florida has some inland jewels as well. Largemouth bass are everywhere, in canals, ditches, lakes and ponds. Disney’s lakes supposedly have enormous bass."

Other states that made the cut included New York, Montana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, North Carolina and Colorado. Not even saltwater fly guys can fault Idaho, Colorado or Montana for being on the list--their trout fishing is legendary. Still, five out of the top 10 states have saltwater fisheries, proof-positive that fly fishing is not all about fresh water.

Check out what writer Monte Burke says about each about state. Do you agree or disagree with these top states? Off the top of our heads, California, Maine and Texas didn't make the cut even though they have exceptional fly fisheries and anglers. Which states would you include and which states would you take out?