'Bead-Blasted' non-glare finish now available on Abel reels

'Bead-Blasted' non-glare finish now available on Abel reels

CAMARILLO, Calif. - A new non-glare finish, reminiscent of brushed suede, is now available on all models of Abel Reels, according to Don R. Swanson, president of the California tackle manufacturer.

Utilizing silicone beads that bounce off an unfinished reel's aluminum surface, the end result is a soft, non-glare finish.  Reels are individually bead-blasted to attain the new non-glare surface.

The non-glare, no shine option is available on both solid color and fish graphic reels in the Quick Change (QC), Super Series, Trout Series (TR) and Abel Creek series.  Solid color reels will be an additional $75; fish graphic reels are $200 more.

"This unique finishing process is the answer for fly-fishers concerned about our high gloss reel 'flashing' or creating a light glint on fish causing them to spook," said Swanson.

For additional information on the non-glare finishing process, see authorized Abel dealers or visit www.abelreels.com.