427.9-Pound Yellowfin Caught in Puerto Vallarta

The tuna may be one of the biggest yet caught in the area

big yellowfin tuna SWS MAR

big yellowfin tuna SWS MAR

A huge 427.9-pound yellowfin tuna that may be one of the biggest ever taken on rod and reel was caught over the weekend out of Puerto Vallarta.

Angler Robert Pedigo caught the tuna aboard his boat Journeyman, captained by Russel Oneil, according to an early report by_ Sport Fishing_. Pedigo used a Shimano 50W II to land the fish.

And although the yellowfin may be one of the largest ever taken on rod and reel, it would never be eligble for an IGFA World Record because others touched the rod during the fight, according to a report from GrindTV.

"Yes, this fish is not going to be a world record because I touched the rod while Robert fought the fish," said deckhand Danny Osuna in the report. "We never thought this fish was going to go over 400-pounds."

This is not the only gigantic yellowfin to be taken from these waters recently. An unconfirmed 430-pounder was caught earlier this year, and the current official world-record fish of 405 pounds was landed less than two years ago by angler Mike Livingston.