More than a Cast

The rollcast is useful in many situations. Here are just a few.
¿•By making a rollcast directed upward from the surface, you could lift a sinking line from the water for a backcast. With this same cast you can silently pick up a popping bug from the water. • ¿ If your fly is snagged, make a rollcast and allow the line to travel beyond what is trapping the fly. Then make a fast backcast. Because the fly line is behind where the fly is snagged, it will often pull it fr•e. ¿ You can use a rollcast to remove grass from your fly. Make a slow rollcast that barely lifts all line from the water. When only the leader and fly are still underwater, make a very swift backcast. Because the water is gripping the weed, the fly will act like a knife blade, often cutting the weed free.