Materials: The Wide Side

  • Hook
    Eagle Claw L2222 up-eye circle hook 3/0 to 6/0.

  • Body
    Kinkyfibre, colors to match fly: Bunker olive and herring blue – lavender, white and yellow; Midnight black-black, purple.

  • Body Flash
    Polarflash and glimmer, and if you wish, angel hair.

  • Thread
    Waxed 3/0 monocord, white.

  • Cement
    Softex on threads and eyes.

  • Top Backbone
    Fish hair and angel hair to match the fly: Bunker olive-olive fish hair layered with chartreuse then peacock angle hair; Herring blue-blue fish hair layered with peacock blue and baitfish angel hair; Midnight black-black fish hair with black or black light angel hair.

  • Eyes
    Witchcraft molded 3-D eyes.


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