Low-Profile GPS Antenna Bracket


Finding an out-of-the-way place to mount a GPS antenna on a small, open boat was a perplexing problem. I solved it with a console-top bracket, which I made by bending a 2" wide by 1/8" thick piece of aluminum flat stock into a rectangular "C" shape. The length of the aluminum stock is determined by the height of the GPS unit and personal preference. The longer base of the "C" fits under the GPS receiver's bracket. I drilled holes in the new antenna bracket so I could mount it with the bolts that fastened the GPS unit to the console. The shorter top section of the "C" should be high enough to clear the GPS unit by several inches, regardless of how it is tilted. Keep the length of this section as short as possible. Drill holes in the top of the "C" to mount the GPS antenna. There are two ways to reduce unwanted flexibility in the GPS antenna bracket. If placing the antenna bracket right against the GPS unit's bracket won't interfere with tilting the unit, drill a hole in the new bracket and pass the threaded knob through it. Otherwise, cut a length of 1" wood dowel and drill appropriate holes so the dowel may be bolted between the two brackets to provide additional support.

- Bob Stearns, Miami, Florida