Longer Life for Lures


Fishermen who make their own lures, or like to modify store-bought lures, often use prism, holographic or colored tape or stick-on eyes to enhance the lures’ appeal. Many commercially made lures come with these add-ons, too. But without a protective coating, a few encounters with toothy fish will cause these improvements to peel off. I’ve had good success using clear, two-part epoxy as a coating. Use the slow-drying variety to allow yourself sufficient time to work. Mix a small amount of the epoxy and use a disposable, stiff-bristle brush to paint a thin coat over the entire surface of the lures. Hang them up and avoid touching them until they are completely dry. Use acetone or an acetone-based nail-polish remover for clean-up. The result is a rock-hard, high-gloss finish that will extend the life of your lures.

—A.F. Gazzotto, Furlong, Pennsylvania