Jamaica Bay Poachers

According to a recent note published in the Conservation sectionof the November 2002 Double Haul, the newsletter for theSalty Fly Rodders of New York, poachers have become problematic formore than the fish in Jamaica Bay. At the October 2002 clubmeeting, guide and author John McMurray gave a presentation thatincluded photographs of these poachers. The poachers employintimidation tactics, so little is being done to stop them, exceptby a small group of anglers, including McMurray, Frank Crescitelliand several members of the New York chapter of the CCA.

Apparently the poachers have frightened most local anglers outof reporting them and have gone as far as partially destroyingMcMurray's boat in retaliation for his reporting an incident.The Salty Fly Rodders urge individuals to get involved in some wayto help alleviate this growing threat to anglers and fish.

For more information, visit www.saltyflyrodders.org. .