Is a Guide Worth the Investment?

October 3, 2001

Without question, the best way to fish Homosassa is with a guide. These professionals have logged years on the tarpon grounds reading tides and observing giant tarpon habits and behavioral nuances. This experience, coupled with personal investments in high-tech electric motors custom fitted on top-of-the-line flats boats, is well worth the money. And when it comes to fly tackle, there is no guesswork involved. (On my first trip I was politely told to leave my flies and rod in the car.) You can be assured that the equipment will match the conditions and the quarry.
The best Homosassa tarpon guides are likely to be booked solid as much as a year in advance for the entire season. Their clientele are usually repeat customers with some of them booking two weeks straight. Since this is serious fishing, a few of the best guides may even ask you for a resumŽ of your fly fishing experience. This is not meant to embarrass and really isn’t an unreasonable request when you consider the experience required in order to play the game. If you can’t throw a 12-weight rod at least 60 feet or more consistently and accurately, make sure you can before you book. Homosassa is no place for a casting lesson.
There are many excellent guides who are Homosassa tarpon experts and I’ve named only a few in this article. For more information on guides and services, contact the following:
Capt. Earl Waters: 352-563-5001
Capt. Tommy Locke: 941-964-0083
Capt. Dan Malzone: 813-831-4052
Homosassa Guides Association
(HGA): 352-628-2248


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